Troy City Council to Convene Working Group on Accessible, Fast, and Open Internet and Smart City Infrastructure

This Citizen Working Group will help the Troy City Council Technology Committee explore ways in which the City of Troy can improve internet infrastructure for the people who live and do business here, and to enhance our city services.

We are looking for people who share a passion for an accessible, fast, and open internet to join us to report on existing conditions and recommend short, medium, and long term improvements to our broadband infrastructure.

Please send a statement of interest to
and share with friends and colleagues who may be interested.

Topics of exploration will include:

  • Spectrum/TWC franchise agreement
  • Municipal networks
  • Existing and potential dark fiber and conduit runs and recommended best practices when installing new road, sidewalk,¬†and utility infrastructure
  • Wireless options, including mesh wifi, Starlink, and 5G cellular technology
  • Economic and social benefits of faster internet.
  • Smart Grid systems to enhance water, gas, and electric utility services and allow for more decentralized energy generation and demand management.
  • Sensor networks for smarter lighting and transportation.